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We recently created a motion graphic software product video for eCompliance.
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eCompliance Product Video

Motion Graphics
About This Project

edstudios created a motion graphic software product video for eCompliance.


Video Description of eCompliance Product Video

A voice-over introduces the eCompliance Safety Software. Motion graphics are used with the eCompliance logo and “Product Demo”. A motion graphic of a mobile phone featuring the eCompliance app comes onto the screen while a table of contents outlining what will be covered in the presentation appears on the right side of the video in a boxed column. The first item is the “eC Mobile App” it is highlighted in blue to indicate what part of the presentation is being discussed.  As the voice-over discusses the eCompliance App, the motion graphic of the mobile phone scrolls through the app and a demonstration of filling out a Field Incident Report takes place, including looking up a map, contacting employees, giving an e-signature and filing the report. The demonstration then shifts to explain eCompliance software on a desktop. A motion graphic of a desktop computer displaying the eCompliance software appears. The second item in the table of contents is now highlighted. As the voice-over discusses the components of the tabs “My Stuff”, “Program”, “Action Items”, “Documents”, “Employees”, “Hazard Assessment”, “Incident/Hazard Management”, “The Site Tree”;  the video shows the different components of the software on the desktop. The video ends with the eCompliance logo.


About eCompliance

eCompliance is mobile-first solution that connects at-risk employees with the head office, creating a two-way conversation so EHS professionals can make faster, fact-based decisions, and executives have an unrivaled view of safety risk across their company.