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We recently created a 3d motion graphics video for Umbrella Legal Marketing and Feigenbaum Barrister & Solicitor Website. The 3D Chess Motion Graphics were created using AfterEffects, 3ds Max, and Element3D.
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Fruit By The Foot


About This Project

edstudios created these motion graphics animations for Fruit By The Foot (Canada) for Cossette using After Effects.


Descriptive Video of 3D Chess Motion Graphics

The Fruit by the Foot logo pops into view along with #WhatsOnYourEnd. The logo recedes and a male teenager with oversized cartoon tree frogs and Fruit by the Foot appears. It is a 10 second advertisement for Instagram.


About Cossette

Cossette is a Canadian marketing communications company that provides integrated communications services.


About Fruit By The Foot

Fruit by the Foot is a fruit snack made by General Mills (GM) in the brand line Betty Crocker. It was introduced in 1991 in North America and is still in production.