RoninFilm The New Kind | EDSTUDIOS
Some of the assets we worked on for "The New Kind", a film series by Ronin Films.
Toronto Agency, 3D Modeling, 3ds Max, 3D, Vray, 3D, 3D Visualization, ZBrush, Sci-fi, Robot, Fantasy, Futuristic
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RoninFilm The New Kind

RoninFilm The New Kind RoninFilm The New Kind


3D Modeling
About This Project

edstudios created the assets for “The New Kind”, a film series by RoninFilms.

“RoninFilm The New Kind is an interesting concept. A man in Los Angeles put out an ad for artists to volunteer to be part of this film and he had hundreds of submissions. It was a short film collaboration that was completely crowd sourced so it was an interesting concept to make a film. He ended up submitting it to a film festival. I helped with the texturing and different rendering components.”