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Stonewood Films is a Toronto based Wedding Film and Photography company. We recently just finished creating their wordpress website and branding. The Stonewood Films team is a group of dedicated and passionate filmmakers and photographers. They have decades of combined experience in the wedding industry and each have a range of skills and expertise to provide a truly versatile and unique creative experience.
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Stonewood Films Website

Stonewood Films Website

About This Project

edstudios created an original website for Stonewood Films. We customized and developed their WordPress website and branding to represent their clean, modern approach to wedding film-making and photography.

“We wanted to make something that was different than other wedding websites. We were inspired by fashion and the modelling experience so we setup a wedding fashion film shoot to show how a bride can be the star on her wedding day, thanks to Stonewood Films. We went to a photo studio, built a set, brought on art directors, models, hair and makeup, wardrobe etc. it was a huge production to create a unique background video for the website.”


About Stonewood Films

Stonewood Films is a Toronto-based wedding film and photography company. The Stonewood Films team is a group of dedicated and passionate filmmakers and photographers with decades of combined experience in the wedding industry.

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