World War II Building | EDSTUDIOS
3D Model of a world war 2 building, made using 3dsMax and rendered with Vray.
Toronto Agency, 3D Modeling, Architectural Rendering, 3ds Max, 3D, Interior Design, CAD, Vray, 3D Visualization, 3D, 3D Visualization, ZBrush, WW2, Building, Rubble
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World War II Building

World War II Building


3D Modeling
About This Project

edstudios made a 3D Model of a World War II building. We made it using 3dsMax and rendered it with Vray.

“The brief that I got was they wanted me to create something from World War II. I had to create an entire scene using one black and white photo of the building with no dimensions given. I had the 2D image and built up the entire 3D scene based on understanding architecture and perspective.”